Our Distributors

Dairy Industries products are distributed by competent distributors who understands the distribution channels and markets and relentlessly pursue efficient and timely distribution of our products to satisfy the needs of our customers and ultimately our consumers.

Our distributors are:

Grace Foods & Services
Sole local distributor of Tastee Processed Canned Cheese, Anchor Powdered Milk, This is Really Great Yogurt for hotels and institutions.

GraceKennedy Foods (USA) LLC
Sole exporter and distributor to the Caribbean and North America:

  • Tastee Processed Canned Cheese: 2.2Kg, 1Kg, 500g and 250g
  • Crest Processed Canned Cheese 2.2Kg and 1Kg
  • Cheder Processed Canned Cheese 2.2Kg and 1Kg
  • Tastee Multivac Processed Cheese 220g and 440g

World Brands Services
Sole local distributor of:

  • Tastee Processed Multivac cheese 220g and 440g
  • Tastee Cheese Spread 150g and 300g
  • This is Really Great yogurt 110g, 170g and 440g
  • Good2Grow Powdered Shake 120g

Mussons (Ja) Ltd
Sole local distributor of:

  • Crest Processed Canned Cheese 1Kg and 2.2Kg

T. Geddes Grant Distributor
Sole local distributor of:

  • Cheder Processed Canned Cheese 1Kg and 2.2Kg