Frank James

Chief Executive Officer,
GK Foods Domestic

Frank James joined GraceKennedy in August 2005 as Vice President of Strategic Planning and Corporate Development for the then Information Services Division. In December 2006 he assumed the role of Principal, GK Investments, since renamed GraceKennedy Financial Group. He was seconded to GK General Insurance Company (formally JIIC), as a member of the Management Team in April 2010, and joined the Corporate Finance and Accounting Department of GraceKennedy as Principal in November 2010.

Mr. James is a member of GraceKennedy Group Executive Committee and also sits on a number of boards in the GraceKennedy Group including GK Foods & Services Limited, Dairy Industries (Jamaica) Limited, Hi-Lo Food Stores Advisory Board and Catherine’s Peak Bottling Company Limited. He is a Trustee of the GraceKennedy Limited Pension Schemes.

Mr. James is a Trustee of the Codrington Trust of the Anglican Church in the Province of the West Indies. He previously served as a Vice President of the Private Sector Organization of Jamaica, on the Trade Policy Committee of the Jamaica Exporters’ Association and on the Board of Directors of the College of Agriculture, Science and Education.